Monday, April 29, 2013

My love letters to strangers...

I love to journal and write. I am an artist and I have a passion for inspiring others. Often times I journal in the form of letters to myself and others. Last year was a tough year for my family and myself. Through those trials my walk with Christ grew deeper. I began to pray and ask God to use me. Also to use me to inspire others. But how was I going to inspire others when I couldn't even inspire myself to create art. I am an artist and I had stopped creating art for almost 15 years due to fear of not meeting expectations of myself and others. Fear was holding me back from being who I am. That is when God began to work on me and in my life. He still is and always will be working in all areas of my life. Needless to say, I found my inspiration and I created my first painting in mid-August 2012. I have a facebook page in the works and feel free to check it out and please like and share the page, Art by Brandi Moore. I then began writing letters of encouragement and inspiration to strangers and leaving them random places. I then stumbled upon more love letters and it inspired me to create a facebook page to inspire others to write letters of inspiration, encouragement, hope and love. I founded and created Moonandbackloveletters.

I will post my letters to strangers on here every Monday, along with the location where I leave the letter. Please join me in writing letters to strangers and feel free to include the facebook page or that way I can post letters on the page. Also, please send letters that you write and I will post them as well.
- Brandi

The first love letters to strangers that I wrote.